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for my graduation project I decided to book a flight to oslo, and spend a month travelling through scandinavia. i did not plan anything, and spend most of my nights on the couches and extra beds of friendly people I met along the way. during my stay i took pictures, kept a diary, collected things, and recorded sounds. when I arrived back home, i started making small etchings about my trip. i noticed most of my work was about 'feeling at home'. what caught my attention was that i could feel at home in so many places. even if I was alone, eating an apple next to a glacier. i started to ask myself a lot of questions. what is home? why do you feel at home somewhere? could something help you feel at home when you're far away?

my final work is an amulet and talisman, offering you safety and luck. on the left side you can find one of my etchings, made after places where I felt at home. on the right side I can write a special message for your loved ones. it is a take-away reminder of home, close to your heart.

all my etchings are also on sale for 70 euro a piece including frame, in limited edition of twelve pieces.
let me know if you'd like one!

most of the pictures shown here appear bigger than they are in real life. please note the sizes written underneath each picture

etching made after a house i slept in for a week in hamnoy, lofoten, norway
4.8x4.8 cm

etching made after a mountain near narvik, norway
12x12 cm

etching made after the hardangerjøkulen glacier in finse, norway
5.5x4.5 cm

4x4 cm

found pine cone
7x7 cm (including border)

a little house in finse, norway
3.5x3.5 cm

abandoned house near hamnoy, lofoten islands, norway
6x4.5 cm

more coming soon...
i need to come up with a good way to present them on this blog :)


a little preview, monday everything will be available!


lisanne janssen
maastricht, netherlands

for questions you can reach me by email:
lisannejanssen at gmail.com

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